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3/24/2020 Daily Drills

It is looking more and more like some of our outdoor activity might get put on hold with stay at home orders. With that, today is the day to take advantage of nice weather and getting outside.


  1. Outdoor throwing program - video

  2. Bullpen - if you can get a bullpen in today that would be fantastic

  • Rythm throws - 3 arm side, 3 glove side

  • (x2) - Fastballs 2 arm side, 2 glove side, 1 middle - wind up or stretch whichever he is more comfortable with

  • (3) arm side fast balls

  • (3) arm side changeup

  • (3) glove side fastballs

  • (3) glove side cutters (if they have learned a cutter from Danny) or 3 glove side changeups

  • (4) slide step runner on first - mix looks to first

  • (4) runner on second mix looks

  • (1) at bat to a right-handed hitter

  • (1) at bat versus a left-handed hitter


  1. Live Ground balls

  2. Wall Ball - if you do't have a field to take live ground balls at work on some throws off the wall

Hitting - Live outdoors

  1. Warm up - soft toss or dry swing

  2. Live (front toss or pitched balls) - here are some ideas for some focused rounds

  3. 2 x 8 - Regular swing - focus on being on time and smooth

  4. 1 x 8 - outside

  5. 1 x 8 - 0-0, looking to drive something

  6. 1 x 8 - two strike approach - look away and react in, extend the outer half

  7. 1 x 8 - 2-0 count - looking for a pitch to drive

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