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3/20/2020 Daily Drills

We hope this post find you and your family staying healthy.


  1. Towel Drill - please see our post on the towel drill - this is a great way to get your arm moving and work on small mechanical adjustments. For pitchers, please add in rhythm throws with the towel drill and throws from the stretch.


  1. Pick Series - working on picks (short hops) is a great way to improve a player's hands. This can easily be done on a wood or tile floor and just requires a partner. Please see yesterday's post for a sequence to do these in.

  2. Transfers - no matter your position, getting the ball from your glove to your throwing hand is very beneficial. Have a partner flip you some ball and work on transfer them to your throwing hand. You can throw them into a net or tarp after transferring or simply toss them back to your partner.

  • Additional Resources - here is a quick video on working transfers inside.

Hitting - Tee Work

  1. Regular- middle tee position - 2 x 8 - getting loose

  2. Open Hips - 1 x 8 - video link

  3. Outside Pitch - 1 x 8 - see tee positioning post

  4. Inside Pitch - 1 x 8 - see tee positioning post

  5. One handed - bottom hand - 1 x 8 - the player will either choke up on their bat or use an old tee ball bat. Make sure they can control the bat with the bottom hand, it is useful to put the other hand on the chest to help with balance. This drill forces the front should to stay engaged and let the hands work through the baseball.

  6. Max Intent - 1 x 8 - middle pitch - the goal is to teach our body to swing hard while still maintaining control in our swing. Some good verbal cues are to let the hands work fast through the middle and drive the back knee at the pitcher.

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