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3/22/2020 Workout

I wanted to provide a little change of pace today and post a workout that the entire family can do together. This is a great workout that incorporates some of our baseball movements and can easily be done at home. Our family just finished, two adults, a 9 and 7 year old were all able to get a good workout in about 25 minutes.

This is a circuit based workout with working and resting intervals.

  • Working interval - 20 seconds

  • Rest Interval - 30 seconds

  • Rest between circuits - 1 minute

Additional resource - download the Tabata timer app, you can set working and rest intervals and it counts down the last 5 seconds.

Start each family member on a different stations and rotate stations every working interval, you will do three full rotations, so each station three times

Circuit 1

  1. Bicep curls

  2. Push ups (if you need to do them from your knees that is fine)

  3. Air squats or med ball squats (you can also do wall sits)

  4. Coach or bench dips - see video for reference

Circuit 2

  1. Med ball or stair toe touches - video, ignore the soccer references, just to get the idea of how to do the toe touches quickly.

  2. Mini Band shoulder abduction (like the start of this video but we don't want to go that wide and want them to be short and quick). Alternate - Lateral Raises with dumbbells or a can of soup

  3. Calf raises on the stairs (to make it harder do single leg 20 seconds each)

  4. Shoulder press - if you don't have dumbbells you can do push ups with your feet up on the couch that will target the shoulders more.

Have a great workout!

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