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3/18/2020 Daily Drills

Here are our suggested drills for March 18th, 2020. With bad weather in the forecast today might be a great day to get outside and get some work in. Our goal during this shutdown time to make sure we are still getting some type of work so we don't come back too rusty.


  1. Catch play - if you can get outside and play catch today, please see our post on the Elite throwing progression. Pitchers can extend their catch play at the end by adding some throws from pitching distance to their partner.

  2. Alternative 1- Towel Drill - please see our post on the towel drill


  1. Live Ground balls - If you have a chance to get outside today and do some live ground balls that is fantastic. Note quality over quantity on these, make sure that you are working a good right/left through the baseball with two shuffles to throw (opposite for left handed players)

  2. Alternative 1- wall ball - find a wall and throw the ball off of it, make sure that we are practicing solid fundamentals when doing this and not getting lazy

  3. Alternative 2 - hallway ground balls - have someone roll ground balls in the hallway of your home. Chop your feet before they are throw and then a good right left approach and two shuffles after fielding, flip the ball back to your partner.


  1. Live - if you have a chance to hit live via thrown or flipped balls today is the day to do it as the weather might get bad in the coming days.

  2. Alternative 1 - tee work - feel free to get some swings in off the tee. I will be sending over more specific tee drills in the coming days.

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